Thursday, November 23, 2006

Module One

It has been so busy at work and trying to get Module one so feel this has been neglected. Home has been abit manic too, my son moved up to Durham in September and has been so unhappy, to cap it all his long term relationship ended last week! I hope much as I liked her that he will now be able to move forward. Youngest son is involved with local amateur dramatics so backwards and forwards each night to that so it has been quite a relief to spend time evaluating and reflecting what I do each day. Not sure what is happening at work, children are coming out all over the place, behaviour is slipping, they are far more emotional than last year and I hear from the Infant School that next year is worse! I feel really nervous about this degree, my technical support is very poor! I can type for England but nothing else!! Got a few busy weekends coming up with Christmas parties and shopping, we are off to the Food Show at Birmingham on SUnday so that should be good fun. My main interest is food and wine!!- probably why I will never get into a size 10 again but who cares!! Just read in my local paper that Robbie Williams was at our local Indian restaurant last Saturday and felt like a cheated schoolgirl- he paid for everyones dinner apparently if they left him alone, we could have had champagne!! My next task is to get some photos on to this and make it look a bit more attractive so thats next week.

Monday, September 11, 2006

First Task Done!

I have used a Blog at school. It is very easy to get carried away with your thoughts so someone please tell me when I am waffling! I am quite impressed that I managed to set it up fairly quickly becuase although I am quite good with word processing I am no good at the technical stuff.

I am married with three children who are all computer literate so I look forward to their support!
I work in a primary school as, it seems, do most of the people starting Cohort 6! I am flitting between being really excited to doing this degree and panicking as to how I can fit it in, same as most of my counterparts I guess.